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About Jayne & Phlebotomy Services


My name is Jayne Atkins & my company is Phlebotomy Services.


I have been a Phlebotomist for over 20 years.  I have vast clinical experience in hospitals (NHS & Private), wards & outpatients departments, many GP surgeries, & working alone in the community on a private & an NHS basis.


I worked for a local GP surgery over a period of 15 years, 10 of these years as a practicing Phlebotomist. Part of my role at the surgery was to provide the training for any new Phlebotomists, update refresher training for all clinicians’ and one to one training and mentoring in Phlebotomy.


I am also a recommended & registered Phlebotomist with many of the national Private Laboratories in the UK.  I am very familiar with many 'kits' that patients are sent for private blood tests through their own means from a private labs to check their own health and wellbeing.


After extensive study & training to achieve my PTTLS Teacher training qualification – I qualified as a Phlebotomy Tutor and Assessor 9 years ago.


Over a period of 5 years, I provided structured training courses all over the UK for a leading Phlebotomy Training organisation.   I trained approximately 20 new learners a month to a high standard in Phlebotomy from many different backgrounds. 


With my years of practical Phlebotomy experience, my training qualifications & teaching experience and my passion for wanting clinicians to have the correct skills to perform venepuncture I developed my own small training organisation & structured training courses.  


Over the last few of years I have been approached to train individuals at surgeries from scratch on a one to one basis training.  I have written training programmes to suit these individuals.  I have also provided mentoring and one to one training with students to ensure complete competency.  My aim is to ensure the Health Professional feels completely confident in what they are doing & that the patient feels relaxed & does not experience pain, bruising or a dread of having another blood test.  As well as regular refresher training, it's important that Phlebotomists always feel confident in their work.


I have assisted in providing assessments at Birmingham Women’s Hospital for many health professionals taking blood from patients. I studied their policies, & then assessed staff carrying out Phlebotomy in their clinics & marked them on their clinical skills & against the policies. Full reports were provided on the findings to their Line Managers.  Some clinicians need complete re-training as they were unsafe to practice (for them & their patient) or they had never been trained correctly in the first place.  Some just needed refresher training or a few pointers.  

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I am one of the few Phlebotomists locally to see children on a private basis at home.  This can be very challenging, dependant on their age, illness, compliancy, parents influence etc.  I am recommended from local schools, hospital departments, some GP surgeries, Doctors  & Consultants. I spend time with the child & parents, gaining their trust and hopefully allaying any fears from the offset.  I offer my services from 4 years of age and above  as I feel younger patients need additional assistance & distractions, although I will always advise & discuss younger ages if required. See Children & Blood Tests.


I am passionate about what I do being done properly and it frustrates me that there is a lack of structured training to provide the skills to qualified nurses & doctors, medical students & HCA’s.  I have spoken to many staff at different hospitals locally and most admit to never having been shown or trained properly – just thrown in at the deep end.  Phlebotomy is such an important part of their role.


Venepuncture is not all about just sticking a needle into someone’s arm – it is about being confident you know the anatomy of the arm & location of the veins, what you would do if you came across a problem, how you would avoid that problem in the first place, infection control procedures, Needle-stick injuries (what procedure do you take if you get one), correct tourniquet use, order of draw (of bottles), which colour bottles to use for which test, which size needle to use, patient care etc.  There is a lot more involved in Phlebotomy than most people are aware.



As an experienced Phlebotomist & Phlebotomy Tutor with a passion for passing on my skills, I offer my experience, skills and services to take blood privately, assist other surgeries and to offer training, assessments & mentor clinicians involved in taking blood in the Warwickshire area correctly.