Covid & Blood Testing in Businesses

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Increasingly we are seeing businesses and other organisations implementing their own corporate Covid-19 policies and procedures.  Providing your own company in-house reactive testing service can be a vital effective solution – especially in times of such pressure on our valued NHS testing service.

We have provided companies with Antibody testing, and large scale Covid testing services. 

We are proud to work with the MoD (Dstl) at Porton Down, with PHE for the testing on a regular basis & many large corporate businesses. 

How can Covid-19 testing help in the workplace?

Business Planning

Phlebotomy Services offers a complete and professional service to address the challenges facing companies during Covid-19 and how to safely return to work. This is particularly relevant to those working in close workspaces, or where recirculating air is an issue. The test results help to make informed decisions about placement of staff in more exposed or customer facing roles, and help decide who should isolate in the event of minor illness and for how long (in line with government guidelines).

Knowing quickly if an employee or team member is infected with the virus will help make important management decisions, and if a negative result is recorded, a quick return to work will then be possible.


PCR Swab testing is an essential element of a workplace testing strategy. It is imperative to ensure that you plan a solution that is relevant for YOUR organisation, and we can help you with that, whether you have 4 employees or 4,000. 

Employee Wellbeing

In circumstances where employees are feeling anxious about returning to the workplace, knowing that their organisation is looking after their health and wellbeing is very important. When providing testing to organisations, we feel it is still very important that people are treated as individuals and our aim is to always put people at ease with the procedure. We pride ourselves on our reputation for the service we provide to our clients, and have much experience settling those who are needlephobic, feel unwell when faced with needles or are prone to fainting.

What to expect

Phlebotomy Services can provide a trained team of swab collectors (size dependant on your company) to attend your workplace, to swiftly collect and dispatch samples to our partner laboratories, where results will be ready within 24 hours of receipt at the laboratory. This can be repeated on a regular basis if needed or just as a one off for your business.

Long shelf life pre-paid kits, ready for use, with all carriage costs included and rapid turnaround of results (again within 24 hours of receipt) are available for purchase to be kept in house, ready for any outbreaks.  

Our next generation PCR tests are highly accurate - enabling individuals and organisations to be pragmatic about isolation reducing the need for repeated 10 day isolations for symptomatic individuals.


Consider too, highly sensitive and specific antibody tests (using a government and CE approved process) to determine who has already had the infection in the workforce – and who may reasonably be assumed to have some degree of immunity at least. This will help to inform decisions about placement of staff in more exposed or customer facing roles, and help you to decide who should self-isolate in the event of minor illness and for how long (in line with existing government guidelines of course).

Phlebotomy Services were contacted to Work with NEXT Retail at their Head Office and Distribution Centres across the UK to provide onsite Antibody Testing clinics to their workforce. Supporting their employees is a privilege and we have an excellent working relationship with them.

NEXT have recognised the importance of keeping their staff safe throughout this pandemic and have done everything possible to ensure the safety of their employees in the fight against Covid, allowing them to get back to work as and when safe to do so.


 Antibody testing has played an important part in the Company Health and Safety Policy & employee welfare at NEXT.

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