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Children & Blood Tests





Jayne is one of the few Phlebotomists locally to see children on a private basis at home & take blood samples from them.  It can be a stressful and upsetting time for the child & parents.  Over the years Jayne has developed her own technique in ensuring the whole procedure is as painless & non traumatic as possible for everyone involved.  She will visit the child & family prior to any tests, to meet with them, get to know them and answer any questions or concerns they may have.


This can be very challenging, dependant on their age, illness, compliancy, parents influence etc. Jayne comes with recommendations from local schools, hospital departments, some GP surgeries, Doctors  & Consultants. Spending time with the child & parents, gaining their trust and hopefully allaying any fears from the offset is important. Jayne offers her services from 4 years of age and above as she feels younger patients often need additional assistance & distractions, although she is always happy to visit, advise & discuss younger ages if required.


Jayne is also experienced in taking blood from children with special needs and anxiety issues, both at home and in a supported school environment.  


Jayne can offer advice in regard to Emla (magic numbing cream) and dressings available on prescription from your GP - how & where to apply the cream and how long to leave it on etc.  


This can also be bought over the counter from Jayne works closeley with this established Pharmacy.  Pharmacist - Caroline Eley is always on hand for advice.