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Jayne provides training courses to suit the individual or surgery/hospital/organisation requiring the training.  Bespoke courses can be written on request.  


Some of Jayne's standard courses are outlined in brief below:-





 Venepuncture Half Day - Refresher Training Course


This course is designed for clinical staff already taking blood within their curent role, not always confidently or for those who have perhaps not taken blood for some time and wish to brush up on their current skills.  This course will ensure continued staff development and update clinicians of any changes in policy, training and legislation.

Many qualified Doctors, nurses, HCA's and other medical staff are taking blood and probably have been for many years but without any structured training ever offered to them.  This training is perfect for those people.


                                                     ***NO DATES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE***


Please see Course Content & Dates for full details on this popular course.





Basic Venepuncture Training & Mentoring - 2 Day Training Course


This 2 day course is a structured intense training designed to provide the learner with all the skills and knowledge required to perform Venepuncture correctly or start working as a Phlebotomist in the UK.  The training is suitable for complete beginners/non-medical staff (for example a receptionist from a GP surgery) or someone wanting to learn a new skill, to qualified HCA's, Nurses, Medical Students & Doctors requiring venepuncture training.  This course is really for people who have a job role secured within their organisation, but can be adapted to suit.

The course is run over 2 days.  Day one is primarily theory based and day two is mainly practical and hands on, often combined with a live patient clinic, ensuring learner confidence and competency.  


Please email us for full details on this course.


Anyone can be trained in Phlebotomy, putting it into practice and gaining the 'live' competency skills with patients thereafter is what employers seek.  This can be arranged and put into place, but only if initially trained by Jayne Atkins or a training company highly regarded by ourselves.






#  Personalised bespoke one to one training, mentoring & live patient clinics & ongoing 

    mentoring/shadowing.  Designed to suit the individual needs.


#  One to One Personal Mentoring with Live Patient Clinics.


#  Clinical Assessments in house.  Full feedback reports for clinicians undertaking

    blood tests either in surgeries/hospitals or clinics.




Please email us for further details on the above services

















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