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Covid Blood Services 


Covid Antibody Blood Services

Alongside our normal blood sample service in the home or clinic, we can also offer a Covid-19 Antibody blood sample test.

Having carried out many Antibody Blood sampling clinics across the country during the early stages of the pandemic, most people are now just check their immunity levels. on a regular basis. 

Our aim is always to put people at ease with the whole procedure.

Why Antibody Testing?

Although the blood sample cannot confirm how long any antibodies may last it will give you a (antibodies detected) or  (antibodies not detected) result. 

The COVID-19 IgG test is the best indicator to see if you have some protection against catching COVID-19.

The test will indicate whether your immune system has produced antibodies. This could be in response to past exposure, or a COVID-19 vaccination.

Antibodies usually appear 1-3 weeks post-symptom onset or vaccination. Your sample should be taken at least 21 days after exposure to allow time for your body to produce its immune response.


The COVID-19 IgG test is performed by a simple blood sample & sent away to a private lab.   It is important for us to point out - we do not get involved in any testing, diagnostics, screening, medical advice or interpretation of results.  These would need to be taken up with a Medical Practitioner. 

What to expect

One of our trained phlebotomist's or nurses will visit you at home, workplace or see you in our clinical offices to take a simple blood sample from you.  This will then be dispatched to one of the private accredited laboratories we use regularly for antibody testing.

The results will be back with you in a couple of days, by email, and will determine if you may reasonably assume to have some degree of immunity.

As an organisation, we do not get involved with any diagnosis or medication.  We are purely a Phlebotomy service, so you would need to take any results to a Doctor or clinician for further interpretation.

For further information, please give us a ring, email us or contact us for an appointment.

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Covid-19 Swab Screening

Covid-19 Swab Screening - Private

​If you need a PCR test for Insurance purposes  - maybe had to cancel a holiday plans due to Covid) and need a certificate, but do not meet the criteria of the free NHS PCR testing, we can help you.

We can provide private Covid PCR swabs at home that can be taken on a private basis and results will be back within a 24-hour or less time frame.  Results are delivered in a confidential PDF file format.

Please contact us for full details.

Covid-19 SwabTests

Pricing - Clinic Visits

Private PCR Swab                                      £99

Antibody Blood Test                                  £110

Due to a change in legislation, the delivery of all samples is now the responsibility of the patient/client.
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