Covid Testing for Individuals


Covid Antibody Testing

Alongside our normal blood taking service in the home, we are now able to offer Covid-19 Antibody test either at clinics, in the home or work around the country, for people who would like to know their own antibody status.

Our General Antibody Blood Test Clinics are currently unavailable due to Covid Restrictions. Home visits or workplace only are available at this time.

The Covid situation is a worrying time for many, as are blood tests for some people.  


Our aim is always to put people at ease with the whole procedure.

Why antibody testing?

If you have antibodies to coronavirus (COVID-19), it suggests you have previously been infected with the virus. Although the test cannot confirm when you had it or how long any antibodies may last it will give you a positive (antibodies detected) or negative (antibodies not detected) result. Working directly with our UKAS approved Labs,  antibody testing is currently unavailable generally on the NHS.

We feel that providing private clinics and home tests for people wanting this testing will help to reduce pressure on the NHS, and we can bridge the gap between the NHS and costly private sector tests.

Have I had Covid?

Many people are now left wondering if they have already had the virus without even knowing it, in some shape or form.  We have tested hundreds of people in some capacity around the country and in various organisations and there have been lots of shock results.  Some want to know out of pure curiosity, some need to know for return to work, travel plans, visiting family or just to move forward.  Whatever your reason, we can help you.

What to expect

Our team of trained phlebotomists and nurses will visit you at home or workplace in full PPE for your safety and protection. We take your blood sample and dispatch it to our laboratory for approved antibody testing.

Our Certified UKAS Approved laboratory will be using Antibody detection (IgG, IgA & IgM).  Our testing has highly accurate results, 99.8% specificity & 100% sensitivity and detects infection at an early stage.

The results will be back with you in a couple of days, by email, and will determine if you have already had the infection and may reasonably be assumed to have some degree of immunity.

As an organisation, we do not get involved with any diagnosis or medication.  We are purely a Phlebotomy service, so you would need to take any results to a Doctor or clinician for interpretation.

For further information, please see our frequently asked questions or contact us for an appointment or for full details.

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Covid-19 Swab Screening Tests

Covid-19 Swab Screening Tests

​If you do not meet the criteria of the free NHS PCR testing or cannot get a test quickly enough for your situation, then we can help you.


We can provide Covid PCR swab testing at home that can be taken on a private basis and results will be back within a 24-hour timeframe.  Results are delivered in a confidential PDF file format.



Please contact us for full details.



Covid-19 Tests

For individuals.

Private PCR Swab


Antibody Test Home Test (inclusive*)

For individuals. *This price is inclusive of a 10mile radius of Kenilworth.  Anything outside of this would be charged at 45p a mile.


*Plus same day door to door delivery charge to Lab for all swab testing. Bank Holidays delivery will incur an additional charge