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  • I have an NHS request form from my GP/hospital but want my appointment sooner – can you help?
    If you have been asked to have a blood test from your GP/consultant, and want to speed the process up, or require a more convenient appointment time, we can use your form and process the bloods through the standard NHS system. Results will go back to requesting Dr in the normal way.
  • Can I book a blood test without seeing my doctor?
    Yes. As long as you know which bloods you require or have been advised to have. These will be tested from an external accredited lab. Your blood sample is taken & sent off for testing. Results are back in a couple of days.
  • How do I receive my private blood results?
    If we are providing a private blood service, we send your samples off to an outside lab. Your results are forwarded to you from us in a secure pdf file via email for you to print off or forward to your medical practitioner.
  • How long do results take to come back?
    Most tests are back within 24-48 hours or less. Some specialist tests can take longer. We will always advise you of this. For anything of an urgent nature, we can arrange same-day delivery of samples and the labs do same-day testing.
  • Can you advise me on what tests I need?
    We are purely a Phlebotomy service. We are not involved in any medical advice, diagnosis, screening or medication. Whilst we are happy to offer all available tests with the accredited external labs that we use, the decision on what tests you need would be your choice.
  • How much does it cost?
    We have different costs for different services, dependent on your needs. Please see the relevant page for our prices. For some private tests, services and home visits, you will need a no-obligation quotation. We provide you with this by email. Payment for services is on the day and can be made by card, cheque or transfer.
  • I have a Medichecks Blood Test Kit - can you help me with this?
    Yes. As a CQC registered provider for Medichecks, we can take your blood sample. Whether you have prepaid or wish to pay us directly, we can help. Booking is also available on line for this service.
  • I have purchased a blood test kit, can you help me by taking the sample?
    Yes, we are registered providers for most test kit suppliers. We also offer a centrifuge service for samples that need spinning. This service can be provided at our clinic or at home by booking online or by contacting us.
  • How do I book a blood test with you?
    You can give us a ring on 07811 353606 or 07476 388770, text us or send us an email to Some of our appointments and services are available to book on line.
  • Do you provide blood tests for children?
    Yes. We are one of the few private Phlebotomists that offer blood tests for children. We provide our services from 2 years of age at home or in our clinic, which are very child friendly, so ideal for little people who need to visit us for a blood test. Please see our page on paediatrics and children blood services for reviews and full information.
  • Do you have a clinic?  Where are you based?
    Yes, we have a clinic in Kenilworth, Warwickshire (Midlands). UK, which is well located for all major motorway networks and rail links to main cities and towns in the Midlands. We have a brief video on how to find us.
  • Do you provide blood tests for people at home and in the work place?
    We are a Midlands based Phlebotomy service, but offer mobile phlebotomy services across the UK at home or your place of work to save taking time off work.
  • Does having a blood test hurt?
    If the person taking your blood sample is experienced and well trained, then having a blood test should only incur a feeling of a slight pin prick as the needle makes initial contact with the skin. All of our Phlebotomists have many years of experience. If you have any concerns or anxieties, please discuss this with us. We are here to help.
  • How far do you travel to visit people?
    We don’t mind how far we travel, and have experienced phlebotomists in parts of the UK. Whilst travelling, we are not seeing other clients, so this needs to be reflected in our cost. We charge a standard travel price which incorporates time and mileage. By providing the specialist services we do – we travel long distances to visit clients that need additional and specialist care. Home visits in Kenilworth do not incur any additional charges. We are happy to provide non obligatory quotes for any home visits.
  • How long have you been offering your services?
    Phlebotomy Services was set up 15 years ago, offering blood tests to people in their home or work place privately. 3 years ago, our clinic in Kenilworth town centre opened, giving people choice and cost options, especially for those travelling some distance for our services.
  • Are you a Medical Centre?
    No. We are purely a Phlebotomy Service. We provide professional blood taking services. We are not involved in any medical advice, diagnosis, interpretation of blood results, screening or medication. Interpretation of blood test results should be carried out by a GP or Medical Practitioner.
  • How do I pay and do I need to pay anything upfront?
    Payment is on the day of the test by card, cheque or transfer. We do not ask for any payment up front.
  • Is there a cancellation charge if I do not turn up for my appointment or you are not in when we visit?
    We do not currently charge for ‘No Shows’. All that we ask is that you kindly call us with as much notice as possible if you are unable to make your appointment or change your mind, so we are able to offer your appointment to someone else. Should you need to cancel your appointment, out of hours - please TEXT us on 07811 353606 or email us at at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Will I still be charged if you visit me at home, but I change my mind about having the blood taken?
    We travel all over the UK visiting people of very specialist needs. On a very rare occasion consent is sometimes not given and we sadly have to accept this. Unfortunately we still have our costs, so the quotation you received will still stand.
  • Are you CQC Registered?
    Yes, after months of hard work, we are proud to have achieved registration with the CQC in September 2023. Under CQC legislation it is now a requirement for all private phlebotomists to be registered with the CQC under the scope of diagnostics and screening.
  • Can I have a blood test at your clinic in Warwickshire with my NHS blood form if I live in a different part of the country?
    Yes of course. We will ask you to forward us details of your form so we can check your NHS area lab testing requirements. We always recommend samples go back to the NHS lab in your part of the country, so that results do not go astray if taken in another area. We label & package up your bloods & provide you with a map/location of where to drop the samples at your local hospital/path lab. Results go back to the requesting Dr in the normal way. We also provide home visits in many parts of the UK and we would then ensure your blood samples are safely delivered to your nearest NHS lab.

If you have any questions not listed in this section, please do get in touch, we would be pleased to answer anything we can for you.

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