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A Calm & Trusted Approach


A Little Extra Help When It's Needed

Special/Additional Needs

Phlebotomy Services have significant experience in taking blood from children and adults with special/ additional needs and anxiety issues, both at home and in a supported school or care environment.  Time and patience are key, something they are well practiced in.  Always guided by parents, child & carers alike to ensure the procedure is as stress free as possible for everyone involved.

Working with Social Services, Solicitors and specialist teams for children with varying needs and situations, the team are able to offer a wealth of experience, compassion and time for these children either at home, school or at the clinic. 

Prices are variable due to individual needs. 

Needle Phobia, Anxiety, Panic Attacks


Needle-phobia, severe anxiety, and panic attacks at the very thought of a blood test is something regularly seen by the team.  Time is put in with people to help them with this phobia.  By having the test done at home can often help make the process less traumatic.


By using their years of experience, the well-trained team will help put you at ease.  This has proved an invaluable service to many.  We have helped many overcome their phobia & fear.

Elderly, Frail & Dementia

Highly experienced in taking blood from the elderly, frail or dementia care patients.  Just like some of us, veins and skin become more delicate with age, so blood tests need expert skill, care and patience.  Dementia patients can display many different symptoms - frightened, aggression, lively, bed bound - all challenging for many phlebotomists.  We are well practiced in this area and services can be be offered either at home or in a nursing/care home setting.


Proud To Work With The Key Clinic

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