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NHS Blood Tests

If you have a GP or Hospital NHS form, and wish to speed up the appointment time or you would just like a more suitable appointment time & would like your blood sample taken at our clinic, home, or place of work we can usually offer appointments within 24 hours.  Your bloods are sent off to your local NHS laboratory the same day with results going back to the requesting practitioner in the usual way within a couple of days.

It is important for us to point out, that we are purely a Phlebotomy Service and we do not offer medical advice, medication, diagnosis or interpretation of results.   We are not involved with the testing, diagnostics & screening of samples.  The interpretation of results will need to be taken up with a Medical Practitioner. 

Excellent service! very friendly and professional staff and the results are very quick!

NHS Clinic Appointment

If you have an NHS Blood form from your GP, hospital or Consultant and would like a blood test appointment at our Kenilworth clinic, please book here.


Price £35

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NHS Home Visit

If you are local & live in Kenilworth and have an NHS Blood request form from your GP, hospital or consultant, and would like a blood sample taken at home, book your appointment here.

Price: £40

If you would like to book a home visit but live outside of Kenilworth, please enquire here to receive a cost for this service.

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