Private Blood Tests

Preparing for Blood Test

The best care

We are able to provide a full private testing service & results from a UKAS accredited private laboratory, backed up with a full Phlebotomy Service.  We can provide you with a quote for the majority of tests available.  You do not need a GP referral.   We do not however provide any medical advice or interpretation of any results.  These would need to be taken up with a Medical Practitioner.


Private blood tests at home or place of work at a flexible time and date to suit you. Phlebotomy Services offer a private mobile blood taking service in Warwickshire & surrounding areas.  Relax in your own environment, and your bloods are sent off to the laboratory the same day with results usually back within a couple of days.

Private Laboratory Testing is becoming increasingly popular with people looking after their own health, with the kits being sent out to patients' homes maybe following a consultation with a private Therapists, Nutritionists etc,  We are recommended & registered Phlebotomists & health care providers for many companies & Professional organisations.  We ensure all the necessary bloods are labelled up and paperwork is completed ready for posting, so you don't have to. 


We can also provide a blood Centrifuge service for Bloods that need ‘spinning’ for some tests where plasma or serum needs extracting before sending off.  

Who can we help?

Needlephobic or anxious patients

Some patients have needle-phobia, suffer panic or anxiety attacks at the thought of the procedure, although most admit it is completely painless.  By having the test done at home can make the whole thing a lot less traumatic. By spending more time and using our vast experience, our trained team make them feel at ease.  This has proved an invaluable service to many.

Children & Special Needs

We are one of the few Phlebotomist services in the area that are trained and experienced in taking blood from children.  Children having a blood test at home in familiar surroundings and with distractions can work wonders.  We may arrange an informal visit to meet the child and family, and to assess the situation and have a look at their arms  to allay any fears.

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Frail, house-bound patients

If you are feeling poorly, waiting several days for an appointment for a blood test or waiting in long queues at the hospital isn’t always what we want.  Transport maybe an issue getting you to an appointment not to mention costly, or you may be housebound or live in a remote village.  Most of us want tests doing there and then, so we can get results quickly. 

Out of hours patients

For people with busy lifestyles and work commitments taking time off work for a blood test can be quite disruptive.  Our team can visit patients early morning before they leave for work or when they get home in the evening.  Some are seen in their lunch hour at work or others prefer a weekend appointment.  We offer flexible appointments to suit patient’s needs.


What to expect

We charge a reasonable fee for our skills and experience and ensure all samples are taken with the upmost care and professionalism. Samples are delivered to the relevant labs for testing either by hand or by post. Results are returned to GPs, Consultants or Clinicians in the usual way, dependent on sample.


As an organisation, we do not get involved with any diagnosis or medication.  We are purely a Phlebotomy service, so you would need to take any results to a Doctor or clinician for interpretation.

Phlebotomy Services are an experienced team of Phlebotomists & nurses, handpicked by Founder Jayne Atkins.  Jayne is a member of the National Association of Phlebotomists & has over 20 years' Phlebotomy experience as does her Senior Phlebotomist Becky.  Her team are fully insured, are enhanced DBS checked and have all been double Covid vaccinated.  Full PPE and strict Covid guidelines are always adhered for client reassurance. 

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Our aim is always to put people at ease, make the situation as simple as possible and ensure a good blood sample is obtained.  We pride ourselves on our reputation for the service we provide and our ever-growing customer base.

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Private Blood Test

Home Visit                                                       From  £40   (test/kit/age/location/dependent)   

Clinical Office - Kenilworth                              From  £35   (test/kit/age/dependent)

Specialist Bloods (Specific Phlebotomist)       Price on request

There is currently a national shortage of blood sample bottles.  We are still providing private blood tests, but appointments may be affected at times.    

Centrifuging Service - From £85 - This service can be offered on or off site

How to book

Please use our contact form to arrange a blood test at a time and place to suit you or give us a call to arrange an appointment on                                                                                           07811 353606