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We are proud to provide a first class, personal service and are always grateful to hear positive feedback. Here's some of our patient reviews:



"Jayne provides an excellent service and it is always a pleasure to see her.  Her skill in taking blood is second to none.  I have been left bruised and bleeding on occasions, but never with Jayne."

Diabetic Patient

"My veins are in very poor condition after 68 years of diabetes and numerous attempts of blood tests leaving me black and blue over the years.  Jayne provides an excellent service, she is methodical and takes her time.  She uses a small butterfly needle in the back of my hand which is far better for me as my veins are terrible.  I never feel like a 'number' to Jayne and she works closely with me to make sure my veins are ready.  I am always more relaxed when I know Jayne is going to be taking my blood."



"I have very difficult rubbery veins and Phlebotomists have great difficulty getting blood from me also due to my disabilities.  I have had as many as 3 different people try on occasions.  Jayne is thorough, gentle and kind and reassuring if you can say having blood taken is a pleasurable experience!  Jayne never has problems getting my blood and I rate her very highly.  I have had to have very regular tests due to my medication and health conditions for over 50 years and I rate Jayne at the top of the tree."



"As a busy working family, my time is very precious.  Jayne's service is fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone.  She makes having a blood test an absolute pleasure!"

Needle-phobic Patient

"Jayne is very sympathetic to my severe phobia of needles and is competent and puts me at ease at home.  I have fainted many times in the past and have had terrible bruising.  Not with Jayne.  Jayne comes to my house at a convenient time to ourselves, usually really early morning so I don't have time to get anxious about it.  She efficiently undertakes the blood tests and leaves no bruises or any other issues.  Excellent service."

Anxious Patient

"I have terrible vein damange following chemotherapy and my veins are very difficult to find.  The service Jayne offers is excellent.  Appointments always made at a suitable time for me and she makes me feels so at ease.  Jayne is kind and caring and listens to your concerns.  Having previously suffered from a serious needle phobia, she has inspired me with such confidence that I am now able to watch her take my blood.  I would recommend Jayne without hesitation."



"Having had many bruises from blood tests as a result of inexperienced people Jayne is a professional.  She has excellent people and personal skills and gives you confidence and sense of security, especially if you are feeling ill and anxious.  I would unreservedly recommend her."



"My husband suffered a stroke 5 years ago and he find appointments away from the house quite challenging.  Jayne coming to our home brightens up his day.  Her manner, appearance and skills are so very professional.  She provides such an excellent reliable service to us."

Young Patient

"My young daughter has had a blood test before at the hospital, but it really hurt her and she was terrified of having it done again.  Jayne came round to meet her and put her at ease.  She made the whole experience so much less stressful and went out of her way to help my daughter overcome her fears of having a blood test - She was brilliant."

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